Monday, July 30, 2012

Hand written letter

I apologize to one and all, I can't quite remember when I received this letter and I threw away the envelope. But it is a very lovely letter and I wanted to share it with you.  Micah is such a wonderful joy in my life and I hope that you have enjoyed his emails and letters as much as I have. (Mom)

Dear Mom,
Things here are great and there has been so much that has happened.  I never thought it could be like this.  The hard times, the good ones, always teach me more about myself than I realized before.  I know that I'm helping others, wither they're people from off the street or another missionary. Also I've come to know more about the influence of Satan in this world.  And I'm surprised of how many of the things in the Book of Mormon are still around.  There is confusion, pride and other types of wickedness that's all around.  I know that I was sheltered well from the chaos of this world.  I'm blessed with this great opportunity to serve the Lord and help others to know what true happiness is in this life.  Being born in the gospel, I never experienced the empty feeling that comes with not knowing the truth and I know that I have "goodly parents" who taught me well.  I don't understand many things of this life but I get to see others around me, come to ME for wisdom.  I never told you (I think) but at the MTC I learned a little about voicing my thoughts to others.  The other missionaries would listen and later they would come to me and encourage me to talk about things.  I know I'm a lot like you and I often put myself down, when I should be raising myself up.  I love you Mom and I will always try to be the son you need, want and deserve.  I pray that each day you will have the strength to over come your trials.  It seems that you have been given a lot to deal with, but you know that God will pay us a hundred times more than what we give .  Keep care.

Love Micah

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